Web development

Others may think that we are just like the others. Others may say that we offer the same packages compared to the rest of our competitors. But think again. We at SonnyDesign have mastered every inch of detail to provide you with professional web designer you have been wishing for.


Logo design

It is crucial that your logos will look crisp, unique and professional. This is the main reason why we are enticing you to try our services. Our expertFilipino  logo designers help you achieve this by means of carefully studying your needs and requirements to come up with fresh ideas that will suit your style and appeal.


Website maintenance

It is indeed tedious and time consuming to maintain your website. With the tight competition that you are about face every single day, we make sure that you need not to worry about a thing. Keeping your website hip, fresh and up-to-date is our main goal.


Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress web development

We specialize in Joomla Web Development that will not only enhance your company’s branding but also its reputation. Since Joomla is a very powerful tool, it is an attractive way of capturing clients through your website. Adding up our design and knowledge skills, your clients will certainly take a closer look of what you can offer.



Ever thought of sending out your product details the easiest and cost effectively way? One of our services includes Ecommerce which will make your customers learn more about your product or company. Inspired by the latest trends, you are sure to hit your target market the right way you want it. You can choose from these popular ecommerce cms: Virtuemart, Zencart, Oscommerce and Magento.


Flash Intro

In any presentation, you must bear in mind that in order for your product or company to create a “recall,” it has to be as attractive as possible. Using digital enhanced animation such as flash intro, it will not only make customers and clients but make them entertained as well.


Mascot design

Of course, there are thousands of mascot designs out there. But what does it take to stand out and be recognized like the freckled-faced girl with pigtails of Wendy’s or even the old white bearded man of KFC? We at SonnyDesign™ make sure that your mascot design will truly have a “strong recall.”


Banner ad

Advertising your company is a must when you want to reach out and say to the world, “Hey! I exist and we have what exactly what you need!” But the truth is advertising materials can be very costly. SonnyDesign™ makes this all possible for you without costly you too much. We create professional yet creative looking banner ads at a very competitive price.



When you walk in a department store or an office and somebody hands out a brochure containing your company profile or the details of your product, what do you normally do? You just take a few seconds to look at it then toss it in the garbage. Why? Simply because it does not even appeal to your interest. We have dealt with hundreds of clients who are satisfied with what we do best…we make your customers keep on holding to it and will make them call you for your services.


Business card

We believe that the most powerful marketing tool of a small or large company is a professional looking business card. They are not only very handy but also versatile and affordable. But like brochures, they normally end up in the trash the moment they receive it. SonnyDesign™ will definitely solve this problem for you. We ensure to make your business cards very memorable and very distinctive.


Internet research

Nowadays, people do not rely on libraries anymore. It is such a tiresome and boring way to look up at things. In the age of technology, internet is the best source of information. But the fact is do you have the luxury of time to do it? SonnyDesign™ does not only cater to designing but also basic administrative work that will let you sit and ponder about other things about your business.


Keyword research

Ok, so have everything that you need; a website, your professional and creative marketing and advertising tools such as brochures, business cards or even a banner ad. But how many people will actually Google up your site? The answer is keyword search. In order for prospective clients to wind up with your site, you have to carefully think of the right keywords.  With our educated and experienced team, we will provide you with the keywords that will drive traffic to your site in a matter of days.


Apartment listing


Need your apartment to be rented? SonnyDesign™ will help you list your apartment consistently and will make sure that callers will be inquiring about your property very soon.


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