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A Modern Day Web Design Approach

Few years ago the only preferred way to build your web design layouts was to use a graphics design software. Of course some of our faves are either Photoshop, Fireworks or Illustrator. The web design will then be needed to converted to a valid HTML/XHTML document along with the CSS and deal with the browser […]

Brighter Future for Graphic Design in the Philippines

Becoming a graphic artist is not that simple. You need a specific academic course to get you started with a job and gain experiences. The good thing is that the market is always welcoming fresh talents that can bring out new ideas and creativity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for graphic […]

Corporate Giveaways & Promotional Items

In terms of advertising and marketing, promotional items and corporate giveaways are very popular and in-demand. Based on a research and study, corporate giveaways or souvenirs have a very positive effect and impact on consumers’ perception most especially to your brand. This is where brand awareness comes in. For example, in a survey conducted early […]

Why Choose a Web Designer?

Tired of trying out new and free layouts on the webs? Do all the layouts do not even match your style and taste? I know all of us have been on the same page. Yet, we still think that hiring a web designer can be very expensive. I have a few tips on why you […]

The Success of your Small Business Lies On Your Webpage

Let’s face it. There are millions of people all over the world who search for something new in the internet. Whether it is the latest buzz about sports, fashion, medicine and news – you name it, the internet has all the information you are searching for. Then again, people have made the internet another source […]

Filipino Graphic designer and web designer are Soaring High in Outsourcing Industry

There are two (2) ways in looking for a potential employer. There is by posting a job vacancy and ask people to submit their resumes or you can search for online jobs that will suit your skills and characteristics. Let’s tackle about the second option which is by being an applicant online. In order for […]

Outsourcing in the Philippines

Who says that a “third world country” cannot keep up with other countries? It has been a known fact that the first option that comes into the mind of investors and huge companies is to outsource in the Philippines. Round about 95% of Filipinos consider English as their second home language. This enables Filipinos to […]