Corporate Giveaways & Promotional Items

In terms of advertising and marketing, promotional items and corporate giveaways are very popular and in-demand. Based on a research and study, corporate giveaways or souvenirs have a very positive effect and impact on consumers’ perception most especially to your brand. This is where brand awareness comes in.

For example, in a survey conducted early 2012, these were the positive things that they found out:

a)   Almost 60% of consumers who received the corporate giveaway or promotional item within 12 months tend to recall the brand more.

b)   Most of the souvenirs given by companies are mostly used and kept in a span of 1 year.

c)   Depending on the corporate giveaway, consumers give very positive feedback about the company.

However you need to be very keen on what to give to your clients so it won’t go to waste. Here are some of the most popular ideas on promotional items and souvenirs based on survey:

1)   Flash drive sticks – these are very useful to anyone who needs an extra memory storage.

2)   Umbrella – people are more likely to just put this in their car and it comes in very useful in case of rain or intense heat.

3)   An electrical item (charger, mini fan, speakers, earphones etc)

4)   Coffee mug

5)   Pen

Should you wish to conceptualize something fun and unique designs for your corporate giveaways or needs promotional items here in the Philippines, please feel free to contact us thru 0939-9150910 or email us thru You may also check out our dedicated website for corporate giveaways, gifts & promotional items


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