Outsourcing in the Philippines

outsourcing-in-the-philippinesWho says that a “third world country” cannot keep up with other countries? It has been a known fact that the first option that comes into the mind of investors and huge companies is to outsource in the Philippines.

Round about 95% of Filipinos consider English as their second home language. This enables Filipinos to be more literate and is said to have the best communication skills from the entire Asia continent. though considered to be truly Asian, Filipinos love to watch American TV shows and converse well in the English language. If you notice, Metro Manila has been swamped by many Koreans nowadays. Why? Because they thought that learning how to speak in English in the Philippines would entitle them to be proficient and competent.

This is why the Philippines is the “world’s second largest English speaking residents. Second aspect is that the “labor force” is so overwhelming. Filipinos are by nature hardworking, independent, creative and skilled. They have high regards to education that is why having a good education background is on top of their list. As brought up by Filipino parents, education is the most important thing that one could be proud of. This explains why in a recent study that India has been a very eye-catching country in terms of support, IT and software development. But the Philippines has been catching up quickly with India.

Good communication, combined with good education and speaking skills is the secret why Filipinos are still on top of it all.

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