Brighter Future for Graphic Design in the Philippines

Becoming a graphic artist is not that simple. You need a specific academic course to get you started with a job and gain experiences. The good thing is that the market is always welcoming fresh talents that can bring out new ideas and creativity.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for graphic design in the Philippines will boom in the next five (5) to six (6) years. They said that the industry could still grow by 14% in 2020. Though the entry-level positions will always be there and available, the senior graphic design or higher positions in the Philippines will always be tough and competitive.

The role of a graphic designer in this industry is very important. They analyze, plan and come up with visual, creative and concrete solutions to communication problems. In this time where smartphones, computers and Internet is already a necessity, graphic design is important to convey proper messages to its user. Graphic design in the Philippines is a booming industry where all creative outputs can be seen in posters, newspaper, books, marketing brochures and magazines. Having a know-how or a creative skill in graphics design using Photoshop or Illustrator can be very handy to any business executives or graphic designers to come up with their ideas and design simplified communication strategies such as graphs and presentations for their clients as well as consumers.

In addition to this, the Philippine market has a lot of potential when it comes to graphic design. Filipinos are not only creative but they are also up-to-date when it comes to international demands and needs. With their natural talent and creativity for design, they are able to correspond their vision verbally, visually and in writing. They have a keen eye for detail, innovativeness and ingenuity. Graphic designers in the Philippines are well read, open-minded and can always take constructive criticism which will lead always to bigger success.


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