A Modern Day Web Design Approach

Few years ago the only preferred way to build your web design layouts was to use a graphics design software. Of course some of our faves are either Photoshop, Fireworks or Illustrator. The web design will then be needed to converted to a valid HTML/XHTML document along with the CSS and deal with the browser inconsistencies “hacks” along with it. Today we have gotten a bit fast approach on web design. The road has been paved to achieve designs in such a quick phase while covering all other things as it happens. Somewhere it seems, the graphic design part is transformed magically and can now be woven straight on to the web canvass since the actual design process can now be done on the browser alone. Yes you heard it right, today there are a lots of website that offers full functionality giving us most of the wysiwyg tools we had been used to – to the point that even non-designers can actually do it! all the creative juices and design ideas translates on top the browser apps which does all the hard work for us web designers. Very quickly nowadays Modern day web design can now be done completely on the browser, and they handle all the tricky things such as browser inconsistencies, responsive features, typography, code optimizations, code bugs or what not.

You’ll be amazed at how elaborate these “modern web design” tool kits can be at the hands of a skilled web artisan doing his creativity right on top of the browser apps. Here we had a quick round up on some of these browser based web design tools you might want to check out.

  1. – They boast of creating professional drag-and-drop website builder, responsive websites without code. looking spiffy!
  2. – Easily customizable HTML5 templates with lots of choices – all without coding. sounds fun.
  3. – Beautiful web templates – and they are all optimized for search too! Very neat right?
  4. – Sculpt the web in-browser web design tool for mock ups and collaborations – looks good for a team design collaboration.
  5. – Design websites directly in the browser with a simple drag and drop interface. i think the clean and simple interface will encourage you enough to do more, seriously.
  6. – A new way to see Responsive Web Development – It seems more tailored to a mobile-first web design approach.
  7. – Stop writing code, start drawing it. This one provides same flexibility as your favorite image editor – you can expect more from a web design tool such as this one!

We’ve covered some of these delightful modern web design approach via the web browsers. We can’t help but admit these are things we have not used to, or could be the approach we would probably hate, but can’t help the fact that these are the modern tools that are useful and fast on the right hands. At the end of the day, it’s really your choice as a web designer if you want to leave your traditional vector-to-web workflow or join the fray by using these modern apps and move it fast! The bottom line still is if we have expressed our design ideas using either approach and still achieved our fulfillment with the design output. Above all, the same question we have to ask ourselves remains. With all these, Did we able to satisfy our clients?

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